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April Williams, Nutritionist


Hello from Breath Matters!

This August 14, we're hosting a Founder's Day celebration at the Breath Matters monthly meeting.

Our focus will be mainly on the original founders Russell Glover and David Sanders, but we are also planning to applaud membership for their support in the development of this charitable legacy.

The meeting agenda will mostly resemble the typical monthly meeting, with a topical speaker and a sharing session. However, we also will have a bit of a look back at the history of the organization and a thank you to those folks who really were fundamental to getting Breath Matters started.

We'll end with some light refreshments and a casual mingle. We are committed to keeping it fun and light, Russell and David would have hated something morose and downbeat!

The details: Aug 14, 1:15-3pm

Johnston Willis Hospital (Stalker Auditorium).

We really hope to see you there and give you a hearty "thanks" for your support. We'd appreciate an RSVP, just to help our planning.

Also during the introductions if you have a quick story (less than 1 min.) on how Breath Matters has helped you or your loved one cope with your disease let us know when you RSVP.

Please RSVP board members Cathy Bray call 804-334-8856 or email cat2bob3

Or Bernadette Sneed call 804-937-6855


Refreshments Sponsored by Medi Home Health


There will be no meetings at Chippenham in 2017

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A Dedication to Resourceful Living: A group approach to focus on what matters to the members of our community whose lives are impacted by chronic lung disease.

Breath Matters Virginia Lung Support Group

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Guest Speaker for May 2012 Heidi Flanagan RN

Transplant nurse coordinator

Heidi Flanagan is currently the transplant nurse coordinator for all patients who have been referred for a lung transplant evaluation at the University of Virginia. Her current role includes intake, education, and coordination of the extensive evaluation for each patient who is a potential lung transplant candidate. After the transplant evaluation is completed, Heidi assists with patient case presentations to the lung transplant selection committee. For those patients who are approved and listed for lung transplantation at UVA, Heidi follows and coordinates waitlist management with the rest of her team while those patients wait for suitable organ donors.

Heidi has been employed by the UVA Health System for nearly 24 years. In the 80’s Heidi worked as a Respiratory Therapist and an Echocardiographer in Tidewater Virginia and later at UVA after she moved to the Charlottesville area. In the early 90’s, Heidi took a leave of absence to work in France as a technical trainer and to introduce one of the first color and digital medical diagnostic ultrasound instrumentations in that country. When she returned to the states Heidi went back to school and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UVA. Heidi’s nursing experience at UVA includes critical care nursing in the thoracic and cardiovascular critical care units, clinical research nursing for the development of surgical devices and clinical laboratory instrumentation and assays, hospital nurse epidemiology coordinator for blood borne pathogens, and, since 2008, in her current position as a RN Coordinator with the UVA Lung Transplant office. Heidi lives with her three teen daughters outside of Charlottesville, loves to ski, play soccer and is active in her community, church and with Special Olympics.

Heidi Flanagan RN Virginia


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Virginia Easy Access is the name of a website developed for seniors, adults with disabilities, their caregivers and the providers that support them. Virginia Easy Access is full of helpful information about services and supports that are available across the Commonwealth.

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